This is an excellent rail and can be configured and tuned to be virtually wobble free. 


The rail is fully assembled and fine tuned for performance. Even though the rail is assembled and fine tuned, during shipping, things can get rough and some fine tuning is required.


Here is the part list:


1x Camera mounting plate 

1x Upgraded round Arca Swiss camera mount clamp 

1x 12V 5A power supply

1x Rail with Nema 23 1.8 degree bi-polar motor and custom cable

1x Set of allan wrench are included for fine tuning.

1x IR Remote Controller

1x Camera shutter cable of choice (see options)

We have them in Black and Silver 2 diffrent colors. Choose what you prefer and drop a note. 

Qool Rail 250 Kit with IR Remote Controller

Camera Shutter Cable
  • Please be advised that some images shown here are example setups that include some equipment not included in the order (such as camera, lenses, and other equipment)


    90 days retrun in resale condition


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